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kids christmas musical


A story about Abel “The Little Drummer Dude”, the Persia’s Traveling Band (PTB – as their fans call them), and the three wise men. The three wise men, who are following a star in search for a king who has just been born. Abel & the PTB band, with a wish to play their first gig to a king… 

Come and join us December 8, 2019 at 11 AM too see the Cornerstone kids & youth as they present this percussively fun Christmas musical. Will Abel get his wish??




Have you ever faced any crisis, when Christmas was around the corner? How quick your Christmas can go from happiness to sadness? Frustration, that once again you may not be able to do gifts, decorations, or even a celebratory dinner. Melody the main character of “Under a Starry Sky” is dealing with that crisis when Christmas is just around the corner. Will here adventure into the past remind her of what Christmas is really about??

Come and join us December 15, 2019 at 11 AM, to see our Adults perform this Cantata. Do you know what Christmas is really about??